• Let’s keep the evening SAFE and FUN for all ages by social distancing at all times (masks strongly suggested, you will likely pass other people). The reason this event works is because we can all laugh and chat a few feet apart, while remaining spread out throughout town.
  • Please stay off the water, and avoid driving your car that evening.  Medford Lakes was made for bikes! All Beaches (and beach waterfronts) will be closed at sunset per Colony safety rules, and cars will create safety issues with so many bikes and residents on our trails. 
  • Light yourself up! This is a primary rule of thumb at large night-time festivals where people and bikes share roads & pathways. A string of battery-powered LED lights is a couple of bucks on Amazon, start planning your family’s color schemes and designs today! 
  • For safety, please minimize biking or walking on Stokes Road and Tuckerton Road (our town’s 35 mph “high-traffic” thoroughfares) except to cross them.
  • Police will be enforcing all borough ordinances, such as but not limited to:
    • No open alcohol or containers
    • No open flame on bikes or public areas
    • Keep moving while in the travel lane of any trail
    • No loud music after 11pm
    • There are other ordinances & laws… know them

Let’s keep this family event fun by considering our neighbors AND our town police force!

This special evening was developed by Lakes residents and is not associated with Medford Lakes Colony, the Borough of Medford Lakes, or any other entity.  Participation is totally optional, and each person assumes their own personal risks.

Questions or suggestions?